Decorating Classes

Private Parties

We offer private parties for kids 8 years old and up, perfect for tweens, teens, and adults.    A minimum of 5 guests is required to book a party and we can accommodate up to 12 guests.  The fee for a private party is $60 per person and includes one activity incorparting the theme of your choice, use of the space for two hours and your choice of one Drip Cake or Fancy Cake.   You are welcome to bring in food, snacks and beverages for your guests. 

Activities below are customized to your theme and the age of your guests:  

Cake Decorating - includes a pre-baked cake that is crumb coated and ready to decorate.  Guests learn to cover the cake with fondant, pipe decorations and borders and roll, cut mold or shape fondant pieces to decorate their cake.  

Cookie Decorating - includes 7 pre-baed sugar cookies. Guests learn different piping techniques using royal icing to decorate their cookies.  

Cupcake Decorating  - includes 6 prebaked cupcakes.  Guests will learn how to use piping bags and make cupcake toppers using fondant to decorate their cupcakes.