Cake Tasting To-Go

Cake Tasting To-Go


Time is hard to come by especially when it comes to time off, or time to plan a wedding or other big event! Order a Tasting To-Go to pick-up at your convenience and avoid the sit-down consultation that can sometimes be tough to fit in your busy schedule.

A tasting to-go does not require an appointment, you can tell us when you would like it to be prepared for pick-up and we will have it ready for you at our shop! You can take it home or on the road for you and yours to enjoy together wherever you are.

A To-Go box comes with a set of 6 different cupcakes (3 flavors, 2 of each), 8 cups of buttercream (4 flavors, 2 of each), 6 cups of filling (3 flavors, 2 of each), 4 Mini Sugar Cookies, 2 assorted cake balls, 2 forks and 2 napkins. You and yours can each get a trial taste of what you might be looking for on the big day! Try a little of one filling, cake and buttercream combo, and then try a little more!

We do sometimes have Tastings To-Go ready and available on a walk-in first come first served basis with pre-determined flavors, so it is best to put in an order to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for!

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